ZUMBA is an exercise fitness programme created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990’s which involves dance and aerobic movements performed to energetic music. the choreography which is included is hip-hop, SOCA, SALSA, MAMBO, etc moreover these different type of choreography provides multiple types of benefits.

At Yogmudra Studio we had designed the tailored workshop for all age groups we have separate training techniques for Elderly people, Kids, Women’s and cardio. Our  Classes are typically an hour long and Instructors are certified by ZUMBA FITNESS, LLC.

Our Categories of ZUMBA Workshops are:

  • GOLD for Elder Age Group.
  • ATOMIC for Kids
  • TONING to get in Shape
  • CARDIO for Strengthing and weight loss



It is designed for active older adults or those looking for a low-impact workout.
It helps to effectively address their unique anatomical, physiological &needs.

Old age people have their limitations, sometimes their physical conditions don’t allow them to perform any particular type of fitness regime sometimes they themselves become rigid to adapt to new changes,

Our trainers keep these facts in mind and design the training pattern accordingly.

GOLD for Elderly people


Kids never take the things seriously but we do, it is very important for them to stay healthy and physically fit to take the  upcoming challenges of their life, it’s really important to inculcate the habit of staying fit and staying ahead as only health supplements and health dring will not make any difference unless they become physically strong.

Giving their brains a break & getting up on their feet & enjoy, they need a low dose of exercise and we had designed separate classes for them keeping in mind their physical strength and their work routine.

ATOMIC for Kids

Yogmudra Studio | Zumba
Yogmudra Studio | Zumba


CARDIO for Fitness and Weightloss

It is good for core strengthening & gains flexibility because there are lots of midsection movements.

It burns more calories than cardio, kickboxing, step aerobics or hooping, this will give the best result for those who are looking for weight loss and perfect looks, we have specially designed workshop for all class and age groups.



Workshop to get in Shape

It is basically for firming and toning of muscles through different props such as dumbbells, balls, steppers and Thera bands with dance, the continuous practice sessions will help you  to get your body back in shape ever better toned, your sweat and efforts will give you good returns by making you look fit, smarter and more confident.