Yog Basti

Yog Basti is the process of therapeutic enema, and it is considered to be on of the most important Panchakarma procedure because it can very lively control VATA dosha of the body.

Yog Basti | Yogmudra Studio
Yog Basti | Yogmudra Studio


According to Ayurvedic facts VATA plays a major role in the pathogenesis of all the diseases, hence Basti can be used in the treatment of almost all kind of diseases.

VARSHA RUTU, rainy season i.e from the period of July to September, this is considered to be the classic period for the detoxification of body through Basti treatment.

Benefits of Yog Basti treatment are as follows :

  1. It is helpful in the treatment of Arthritis, cervical spondylosis, and lumbar spondylosis.
  2. Treatment of Gout, arthritis, paralysis, Parkinson disease
  3. Hypertension, piles, jaundice, diabetes
  4. Pimples, hair fall, renal disorder, cancer and general detoxification of the body.

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