Traditional Yoga Being can also be denoted as the birthplace of this wonderful art and practice of Yoga, we take this legacy forward to include people in the unaltered practice of this primitive form of yoga. We bring you the asanas and sutras practices by the yogis from the initiation of Yoga.

Traditional Yoga is the contemporary form of yoga which focuses more on meditation and preparing the body to develop strong immunity and divine spirituality.

Various exercises which are associated with HATHA Yoga are performed to prepare the body for a long period of meditation, typically Yoga is more practiced now as compare to any other fitness practice.

Yoga will provide you best spiritual experience if performed correctly and in a systematic manner, moreover, surrounding atmosphere and time also matters a lot.

Traditional Yoga (Hatha Yoga):

Traditional Yoga is mainly categorized as HATHA YOGA which seeks the balance of body, Mind, and spirit, but it differs how the Asanas are done and in different other ways such as body posture, flow, alignment, the flow of movement or breathing.

there are different groups and practices for a particular group of people such as pregnant women, older people, people from different geographies and their adjustment toward room temperature, etc.


Traditional Yoga | Yogmudra Studio
Traditional Yoga | Yogmudra Studio


Hatha yoga is not a physical exercise system but a phenomenal process to prepare the body for greater possibilities. Hatha yoga centers on asana or postures which work mostly on spine. “Ha” means “sun” and tha means “moon”, meaning there are both hot and cool postures.

Benefits of HATHA Yoga

  • Builds immunity.
  • Relaxes the mind and releases tension in the body.
  • Tones the spine.
  • Strengthens and tones the body.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Helps the craving.
  • Good health and feel.

At Yogmudra Studio we have separate classes for all types of learners and training is conducted under strict guidance and supervision.