Tiktakshir Basti

Tiktakshir Basti is the enema of medicated milk and ghee.

Tikta Ksheera Basti treatment free pic
Tikta Ksheera Basti treatment free pic

It is helpful in osteoporosis, osteomalacia, the patient with bone degeneration and many more bone disorders.

Tiktakshir Basti | Yogmudra Studio
Tiktakshir Basti | Yogmudra Studio



 Tiktakshir Basti is the one the natural treatment in Ayurveda.

Benefits of  Tiktakshir Basti treatment : 
  • body pain especially joint pain and hip region pain get reduce.
  • It removes heaviness of body and softens the tissues.
  • body balance improves.
  • helps in muscle strengthening.

it is a very sophisticated process that is consist of various Ayurvedic and cathartic therapies to clean your body and subconscious mind by removing the impurities of emotional and physical waste.

It is curative as well as a preventive traditional way to flush out the toxins and impurities of our the body.

This method also has various medicinal qualities that help cure diseases. Along with these benefits, this practice helps in the relaxation of the entire body.

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