Lekhan Basti

Lekhan Basti is a type of enema, which has to contain Ayurvedic drugs which cause excessive fat from the body, it is the best natural treatment for Weight loss.

The drugs which are used in the preparation of Lekhan Basti are Triphala Decoction,Gomutra,Saindhav salt,Hing,Yavakshar,Kasis,Shilajatu which are used to help fat loss,fat-reducing by virtue of their properties etc. It is an enema of medicated decoction.

Lekhan Basti | Yogmudra Studio
Lekhan Basti | Yogmudra Studio


It is helpful to lose weight, helpful in PCOD and other Medorogas.

Lekhan Basti is a very effective treatment in the treatment of Hyperlipidemia, this is a highly prevalent disease and closely related to coronary heart disease which is the most common cause of death.

it is also highly recommended in the treatment of obesity.

This Therapy causes the reduction of excess fat from all regions of the body because it is administered from anal route its absorption is also fast as compare to the drug administered from an oral route.

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