Cryolipolysis is the recent medical advancements introduce the quick and easy way of getting rid of the extra fats in the body.

Our purpose of attending to the betterment of the people, we offer the customer a fist-shaped body for the convenience.



cryolipolysis | Yogmudra Studio
cryolipolysis | Yogmudra Studio




Cryolipolysis is commonly referred as ” Cool Sculpting “, where cold temperature if used to break down the fat cell, the fat cells are generally susceptible to cold, in this treatment the fat cells freezes while other parts of skin remain unaffected.

This technique of local fat reduction is highly used worldwide.

this is prolonged therapy where the effect takes several months to be seen.

During the procedure of therapy:

  • A vacuum applicator is applied on the skin to bring it if contact with cooling pads.
  • patients feel soothing and the fats freeze for about an hour.
  • It produces an anesthetic effect.

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